Capital Chaos Online Championship – Event

We did it! We hosted 33 Old School magicians for a one-day, 6-round webcam tournament. We sent $350 to the Ottawa Food Bank, earmarked for COVID-19 relief.

We really appreciate those who took the time to play in the event as we adjust to our new normal.

I can’t say the event went without hiccups. We were planning on using Wizards’ event software and it turns out some features were locked, so we scrambled to find a solution before the tournament started. Between that, and a few technical difficulties as people got used to their setups, we had a late start. Thank you for not giving us too much of a hard time about it.

Deck representation

Some note-worthy observations:

  • Atog was the most represented deck (4), with all decks in the top half of standings, including 2 in Top 8.
  • BR Dreams Combo and Reanimator were the second-most represented, with 3 players each.
  • There were 2 copies in Reanimator in Top 8.
  • Dreams decks didn’t perform well, with all of them in the bottom 25%.
  • The Deck, UR Counterburn and Mono Black, Old School usual suspects, were not represented.


We had prize cards for most creative and first through fourth. In addition, the person in first place could choose between an altered Unlimited Icy Manipulator or $33 in store credit at Second place would get the other. In addition, the best performing unpowered deck would get a set of Capital Chaos Power 9 proxies. Our prize recipients are:

  • Most Creative – Yannick B with Poisonous Lands
  • Best Unpowered – Pascal P with Mono U Aggro (21st in Swiss)
  • 1st Place – Mark E with Esper Reanimator (Unlimited Icy Manipulator)
  • 2nd Place – Eric DC with Initiates of the Juzam Hand ($33 at Multizone)
  • 3rd Place – Drew L with Bant Midrange
  • 4th Place – Will M with UWR CopyAtog

Drew and Mark faced off in the final round as the sole 5-0s, but despite that, Eric edged ahead on breakers by 0.05% on the third tie-breaker (opponent game percentage?).

Thank yous

There are lot of people to thank:

  • Everyone who played in the event and told their friends about it.
  • The folks from the Pestilence Open, who gave us tips on running a webcam tournament.
  • The folks from New England Old School and Geocities of Brass who lent us their Whereby rooms.
  • Multizone who did pairings and reporting for us so organizers could play.
    Use coupon code CAPITALCHAOS for 10% off on their website.

Final standings and decklists

1st: Mark E — 4c Reanimator

2nd: Eric DC – Initiates of the Juzam Hand

3rd: Drew L – Bant Midrange

4th: Will M – UWR CopyAtog

5th: Michael W – UG Pump

6th: Mike F – Atog

7th: Patrick B – Esper Reanimator

8th: Thomas A – Grumpy.dec (BW Void)

9th: Ben K – WUB Derelor

10th: Karl KR – Montreal Robot Special

11th: Joshua J – Atog

12th: Christopher Z – Deadguy Rack

13th: Ryan K – UW Shops

14th: Joel B – UWR Atog

15th: Will P – NO DECKLIST

16th: James C – Dwarves and Derelors

17th: Dylan K – UWR Skies

18th: Jason B – RW Forkin’ Weenies

19th: Louis E – UR Vise Burn

20th: Marc F – Grixis Atog

21st: Pascal P – Mono U Aggro BEST UNPOWERED

22nd: Nolan B – BR Troll Disco UNPOWERED

23rd: Brian M – Candleshops

24th: Shane C – Esper Reanimator

25th: David D – Forkin’ Mono R UNPOWERED

26th: Andy B – BR Dreams Combo

27th: Abraham C – WG Midrange

28th: Kaelen M – BR Dreams Combo

29th: Ben R – The Tomb: Grixis Control

30th: Michael S – BR Dreams Combo

31st: Yannick B – Poisonous Lands MOST CREATIVE

32nd: Lucas A – NO DECKLIST

33rd: Kevin V – BG Fallen Elves

February 2020 Monthly – Event

February 2020 Monthly

We had a smaller contingent this week of 11 people as colds and flu ravaged players and even our original venue.

Jeskai Skies vs. 5c good stuff

We played at a different Royal Oak location commonly used by Commander players so we were in good company of other Magic brothers and sisters.

The Deck vs. Grixis Dreams

Local rookie Matt G secured his first ever win with Dreams combo versus local legend, Dazed and Fused-Con winner, and Winter Blast 2020 winner, Jimmy D.

Grixis Troll Disco vs. Mono U

We had a sole mono-colored player, with most players going at least 3 colors.

5c Good stuff vs. Mono U

That meant we got to see a lot of Control Magic…

…including this board state, topped off with Lorenzo F using their sweater as a playmat. Apparently, a later game included a Serendib Efreet passed around 6 times.

Erhnamgeddon vs. Grixis Troll Disco

Going into the 3rd round, there were 3 2-0s.

Grixis Rack vs. The Deck

But alas, only one was 3-0 going into the 4th round.

February 2020 Monthly Winner: Patrick

Patrick won vs. the pair down (Mono U) with a Turn 1 Juzam Djinn and wins the February Monthly with a 4-0 record. Congratulations!

Final standings

There will be no Challonge link this time because of drops in the last round. (Challonge doesn’t handle drops at all.)

1st: Patrick — 5c Good Stuff

2nd: Lorenzo — Grixis Troll Disco

3rd: Drew — 5c Good Stuff

4th: Michael — RB Dreams

5th: Kevin V — Erhnamgeddon

6th: Jason K — Mono U

7th: Ernest C — Grixis Rack

8th: Matt G — Grixis Dreams Combo

9th: Dylan K — Jeskai Skies

10th: Jimmy D — The Deck

11th: Jim W — Twiddlevault

January 2020 Monthly – Event

January 2020 Monthly

We had a small, but mighty showing of 12 people with one newbie joining us.

RW Weenies vs. BUG Trans-beast

Some players went from brews to their faithful decks, while others did the opposite.

UBR Troll Disco vs. BUG Trans-beast

Louis’s BUG Trans-beast continued to make for interesting action pictures.

Dreams vs. Dreams (Mono B Midrange vs. BRu Dreams combo)

There were only 2 mono-color decks, which meant there were plenty of colorful Moxes around.

5c Good cards vs. UG Midrange

We saw some new faces at the top tables as top tier decks struggled against not-so-well-known archetypes.

The Deck vs. UWR Skies

In the final round, Drew’s 5c Good cards faced off against Andy’s Mono B Midrange.

January 2020 Monthly Winner: Drew

In the end, Drew beat Andy in 3 games and wins the January Monthly with a 4-0 record. Congratulations Drew!

Final standings

Detailed standings on Challonge.

1st: Drew — 5c Good Cards

2nd: Patrick – 5c Good Cards

3rd: Dylan – UWR Skies

4th: Andy – Mono B Midrange

5th: Ricardo – BRu Dreams combo

6th: Louis – BUG Trans-Beast

7th: Lorenzo – Troll Disco

8th: Jimmy – The Deck
9th: Mike – UG Midrange

10th: Matt 2 – WR Aggro
11th: Jason – Mono B Weenie

12th: Matt 1 – UR Midrange

December 2019 Monthly – Event

December 2019 Monthly

We had 12 people join us so close to Christmas holidays.

UR Counter-Jug vs. BUG Trans-Beast

We saw some spice come to play this month with a few typically mono-color players including a second color.

Frozen Ernie vs. Spice Rack

We also saw people switching off normally tier decks to have a little fun.

Mono B Tabernac de Void vs. UWR Gargoyles

There were a lot of close games being won by very small margins.

Black Weenie vs. 4c Atog

That could have been helped by multiple copies of City of Brass whittling down the life totals of 3+ color decks.

UWR Gargoyles vs. Mono G Midrange

The finals pit Kevin’s vises vs. Pat’s racks.

Kevin beat Pat 2-0 and wins the Capital Chaos December Monthly as the lone 4-0! Congrats!

Final standings

1st: Kevin – 4c Atog
2nd: Pat – Spice Rack
3rd: Patrick – 5c Good Cards
4th: Lorenzo – UWR Gargoyles
5th: Drew – Frozen Ernie
6th: Joe – Mono G Midrange
7th: Brian – Mono B Tabernac de Void!
8th: Louis – BUG Trans-Beast
9th: Seb – Mono G Weenie
10th: Jason – Mono B Weenie
11th: Chelsea – Mono W Weenie
12th: Laura – UR Counter-Jug

November 2019 Monthly – Event

November 2019 Monthly – Courtesy: Jason

We set another record with 20 players joining us for this monthly.

Our 20 person turnout – Courtesy: Jason

We had 3 new players which really emphasized how Old School is a format where you can enjoy Magic with your friends and family.

Settling into a game or just finishing one – Courtesy: Chelsea

We had a really nice deck variety this month, with a lot of people switching up from their usual.

Caseygeddon vs. Frozen Ernie (Bant vs. Bant?) – Courtesy: Chelsea

Black continues to be well-represented which may signal sideboard changes for some before next month’s event.

RB Stranger Dreams vs. Mono R Midrange

Because we had 20 players and 4 rounds, we had 3 3-0s going into the last round.

Mono B vs. Mono G

Our Mono G player enjoyed his Whirling Dervishes as he faced off versus 3 Black decks and our resident The Deck expert didn’t drop a game. Jimmy and Joe both finished 4-0.

Jimmy takes home the prize on tie-breakers. Congratulations Jimmy!

Final standings

1st: Jimmy – The Deck (4-0)
2nd: Joe – Mono G Aggro (also 4-0)
3rd: Pat M – Spice Rack
4th: Lorenzo – Troll Disco
5th: Brian – Mono B Neither Void
6th: Kevin – Caseygeddon
7th: Jason – Mono B Aggro
8th: Michael – RB Dreams
9th: Patrick – Mono B Midrange
10th: Drew – Frozen Ernie
11th: Matt – Pink Weenie
12th: Riccardo – RB Stranger Dreams
13th: Chelsea – Mono W Aggro
14th: Seb – Mono B Aggro
15th: Louis – Sultai Beast
16th: Laura – Mono R Midrange
17th: Andy – BW Deadguy
18th: Dylan – BW Deadguy
19th: Matt – Mono U Bounceroni
20th: Becca – Kansas City Hot Steppers

October 2019 Monthly – Event

October 2019 Monthly

We had 12 players join us for this month’s monthly, including 2 new players. The Canal Royal Oak graciously hosted us.

Capital Chaos with Montreal’s trophy

Before we started, we wanted to show off the trophy that Louis had won in Montreal. He won the Halloween Challenge the previous night. Congrats Louis!

A goblin staring down a demonic horde

Even those with extensive collections were seeing playing their mono-colored decks. Hopefully, this means less Blood Moon in the future?

Skull of Orm control vs. Granite Gargoyle control

There were a few brews afoot which included multi-color midrange decks and an extra spicy Skull of Orm Midrange deck.

Reanimator’s turn 1.

Combo was only represented by Reanimator, who managed to hit an opponent with Nicol Bolas turn 2, and still lost.

Mono white vs. Mono black.

The finals paired Kevin’s Bant Control vs. Louis’s Skull of Orm Midrange deck.

Louis took down the monthly with a 4-0 finish on his brew which includes: Diamond Valley, Rukh Egg, Skull of Orm, Animate Dead, Dancing Scimitar and The Abyss. For those keeping track, that is his 2nd win in 2 nights in Old School tournaments. Congrats again, Louis!

Final standings

1st: Louis – Skull of Orm Midrange
2nd: Jason – Mono B Aggro
3rd: Kevin – Bant Midrange
4th: Joe – Mono G Aggro
5th: Brian – Mono B Nether Void
6th: Riccardo – Gruul Aggro
7th: Patrick – Reanimator
8th: Laura – Mono R Goblins
9th: Lorenzo – Jeskai Gargoyle Control
10th: Ricardo – Mardu Control
11th: Chelsea – Mono W Aggro
12th: Matt – Mono B Demonic Hordes

September 2019 Monthly – Event

September 2019 Monthly

We were a smaller group this month with 8 players. We had 2 regulars begin round 3 of fatherhood, and we made the mistake of scheduling the event the same evening as the Throne of Eldraine prerelease.

Merfolk complete with proxy Time Walk

Despite having only 8 players, we saw 3 new decks added to the meta: Reanimator, Merfolk and Bant Midrange.

Reanimator vs. White Weenie

Mono color decks continue to be well-represented in Ottawa.

Mono Black vs. Mono White

Despite that, 2 multi-color decks faced off in the finals.

Bant Midrange vs. 4c Reanimator (Finals)

Bant Midrange made short work of Reanimator in Game 3 with an onslaught of Serendib Efreets.

Kevin: Our September 2019 champion

Kevin was our victor and finished Round 3 undefeated. He was crowned September’s champion!

Winning decklist: Bant Midrange

Final standings

1st: Kevin – Bant Midrange
2nd: Patrick – 4c Reanimator
3rd: Andy – Mono B Midrange
4th: Drew – Mono U Merfolk
5th: Kostas – Mono R Goblins
6th: Michael – White Weenie w/ BR splash
7th: Joe – Gruul Aggro
8th: Chelsea – White Weenie

August 2019 Monthly – Event Report

August 2019 Monthly

We had 18 players for this month’s event at Clocktower. Thankfully, they let us use their basement so we had plenty of elbow room.

Troll Disco vs. Mono B Rack

We had 4 new players join us with another popping in to see what we’re all about and snagging a few games between rounds.

Naya Winter Orb vs. Mono W

Unfortunately, after the 3rd round, I noticed I made a mistake reporting a match in Round 2. This meant the last round’s pairings were done manually and there were mis-pairings in Round 3.

Mono G Djinns and Efreets vs. Mono B

Louis (Atog) was the only 3-0 going into the last round.

Pink Weenie vs. a sad UG Lands player

In the last round, Lorenzo upset Louis. Without accurate standings, Lorenzo was crowned August’s champion for his feat!

Lorenzo: Our August 2019 champion

Final standings

Detailed standings are not available because I buggered up on Challonge.

  • 3-1 records
    • Louis – Atog
    • Lorenzo – Troll Disco
    • Andy – Mono B
    • Jimmy – The Deck
    • Justin – Pink Weenie
    • David – Mono R
  • 2-2 records
    • Kevin – Mono G
    • Jason K – Mono B
    • Patrick – UG Lands
    • Drew – Bant Midrange
    • Joe – Naya Winter Orb
    • Matteo – Naya Weenie
  • 1-3 records
    • Sarah – Mono W
    • Jason – UW Control
    • Laura – Mono R
    • Chelsea – Mono W
    • Brian – Mono B
  • 0-4 records
    • Kostas – Mono R Goblins
Snap keep from The Deck

July 2019 Monthly – Event Report

July 2019 Monthly

We topped last monthly’s player count of 15 and had 16 players. That’s right, 16, in the middle of summer.

Grindy game: Troll Disco vs. The Deck

Clocktower Brew Pub in the Glebe graciously hosted us. Given our track record, they’ll be looking at accommodating us in the basement which will (likely) be a bit cooler than the main floor.

5c Djinns vs. Mono W

Mono-colored decks had an even stronger representation this month with Mono Black securing 4th through 6th place.

Mono B vs. Mono R (From Terrain Basique)

In the finals, two undefeated decks, BR Control and Mono B, faced each other. Pat, BR Control pilot, took down the tournament in 4 rounds and was our July 2019 Champion!

Pat: Our July 2019 champion

Final standings

Detailed standings are available on Challonge.

1st: Pat – BR Rack Control
2nd: Kevin – Mono G Ifh-biff
3rd: Jamie – UR Counterburn
4th: Brian – Mono B Void
5th: Andy – Mono B
6th: Jason K – Mono B
7th: Lorenzo – Troll Disco
8th: Jason M – UW Control
9th: Patrick – 5c Djinns
10th: Joe – Mono W
11th: Jimmy – The Deck
12th: David – Mono R
13th: Matteo – Naya Weenie
14th: Michael – Mono W
15th: Dylan – Mardu Control
16th: Laura – Mono R Ramp

Bonus pic: Exhibition game (From Terrain Basique)

We hope to see everyone at next month’s tournament on August 16.

June 2019 Monthly – Event Report

June 2019 Monthly
June 2019 Monthly

We launched our first ever monthly event last Friday. It was the first time some of us had played the London Mulligan.

Perusing of the trade binders

15 mages descended upon the Clocktower Brew Pub in Ottawa, Ontario. Based on attendance, we did 4 rounds.

Mono B vs. The Deck

There was a lot of variety with brews and tiered decks spread out over the brewpub. Mono colour decks were well represented and were scattered throughout over the standings.

Twiddlevault vs. Mono W

Despite allowing proxies, very few were seen at the event.

5c Djinns vs. Mono G

We were pleased with how it all worked out. We look forward to seeing everyone next month on August 23!

Final standings

Congratulations to Louis! After 4 rounds, Louis was the sole 4-0 and took down our first monthly event with Grixis Atog.

1st: Louis – Grixis Atog
2nd: Patrick – 5c Djinns
3rd: Kevin – Mono G
4th: Jimmy – The Deck
5th: Justin – Mono W
6th: Jason M – UW Control
7th: Lorenzo – Troll Disco
8th: Dylan – WB Deadguy 
9th: Brian – Mono B
10th: Jim – Twiddlevault
11th: Michael – Mono W
12th: Matteo – Naya Weenie
13th: Andy – Mono B
14th: Laura – BR Midrange
15th: Jason K – Mono W

Louis with the sought-after prize card