July 2019 Monthly – Event Report

July 2019 Monthly

We topped last monthly’s player count of 15 and had 16 players. That’s right, 16, in the middle of summer.

Grindy game: Troll Disco vs. The Deck

Clocktower Brew Pub in the Glebe graciously hosted us. Given our track record, they’ll be looking at accommodating us in the basement which will (likely) be a bit cooler than the main floor.

5c Djinns vs. Mono W

Mono-colored decks had an even stronger representation this month with Mono Black securing 4th through 6th place.

Mono B vs. Mono R (From Terrain Basique)

In the finals, two undefeated decks, BR Control and Mono B, faced each other. Pat, BR Control pilot, took down the tournament in 4 rounds and was our July 2019 Champion!

Pat: Our July 2019 champion

Final standings

Detailed standings are available on Challonge.

1st: Pat – BR Rack Control
2nd: Kevin – Mono G Ifh-biff
3rd: Jamie – UR Counterburn
4th: Brian – Mono B Void
5th: Andy – Mono B
6th: Jason K – Mono B
7th: Lorenzo – Troll Disco
8th: Jason M – UW Control
9th: Patrick – 5c Djinns
10th: Joe – Mono W
11th: Jimmy – The Deck
12th: David – Mono R
13th: Matteo – Naya Weenie
14th: Michael – Mono W
15th: Dylan – Mardu Control
16th: Laura – Mono R Ramp

Bonus pic: Exhibition game (From Terrain Basique)

We hope to see everyone at next month’s tournament on August 16.

June 2019 Monthly – Event Report

June 2019 Monthly
June 2019 Monthly

We launched our first ever monthly event last Friday. It was the first time some of us had played the London Mulligan.

Perusing of the trade binders

15 mages descended upon the Clocktower Brew Pub in Ottawa, Ontario. Based on attendance, we did 4 rounds.

Mono B vs. The Deck

There was a lot of variety with brews and tiered decks spread out over the brewpub. Mono colour decks were well represented and were scattered throughout over the standings.

Twiddlevault vs. Mono W

Despite allowing proxies, very few were seen at the event.

5c Djinns vs. Mono G

We were pleased with how it all worked out. We look forward to seeing everyone next month on August 23!

Final standings

Congratulations to Louis! After 4 rounds, Louis was the sole 4-0 and took down our first monthly event with Grixis Atog.

1st: Louis – Grixis Atog
2nd: Patrick – 5c Djinns
3rd: Kevin – Mono G
4th: Jimmy – The Deck
5th: Justin – Mono W
6th: Jason M – UW Control
7th: Lorenzo – Troll Disco
8th: Dylan – WB Deadguy 
9th: Brian – Mono B
10th: Jim – Twiddlevault
11th: Michael – Mono W
12th: Matteo – Naya Weenie
13th: Andy – Mono B
14th: Laura – BR Midrange
15th: Jason K – Mono W

Louis with the sought-after prize card

April 28 – Event Report

Our mages, minus Daniel, plus Kostas

Jimmy hosted 13 players at his condo today including special guest Daniel Chang from VintageMagic.com. Daniel was in the area on business so we rallied the troops with the promise that there would be original art. And there was.

Original art for Savannah Lions, Island (the best one), Counterspell, Mana Vault, Underground Sea, Mox Sapphire, Time Walk, Clone, Pirate Ship, Keldon Warlord, and Phantasmal Forces

We did a 4 round tournament which meant there would be likely 4-0 at the end.

Before the last round, we decided there would be a Top 2 to decide who got the Steve Wozniak autographed Vintage Magic playmat. Jamie cleaned up as the sole 4-0 on UR Counter Burn. But we went to Top 2 where he faced Lorenzo on Troll Disco.

See the standings after 4 rounds of Swiss.

Our Top 2 battle it out for prizes

Lorenzo upset our champion in the finals which saw a strong appearance from Sol’Kanar.

Lorenzo, our playmat winner with Daniel

Final standings

1st: Jamie – UR Counter Burn
2nd: Lorenzo – Troll Disco (Winner of Top 2)
3rd: Richard – RG Aggro
4th: Michael – Unknown
5th: Daniel – The Deck
6th: Andy – Mono B
7th: Louis – RW Manipulator
8th: Jimmy – The Deck
9th: Kevin – RGW Aggro
10th: Patrick – Grixis Djinns
11th: Dylan – WB Deadguy
12th: Pat – Mono G
13th: David – Mono B

Thanks for dropping by, Daniel!

Dazed and Fused-Con 2019 – Event Report

Group picture of all our mages after 6 rounds

24 players joined us on April 20 from Montreal, Quebec City, Oshawa, Brockville and Smiths Falls. $360 was raised for the Ottawa Food Bank.

Prizes included a Suchi for 1st place after Swiss, an altered Demonic Tutor a lots of pre-rolled joints
Prizes for the Chaos Orb Flip Off (Winner: Laurence) and the prize pool contributions from our guests

Decklists and standings

Detailed standings are available on Challonge.

1st: Jimmy – The Deck

Jimmy was undefeated after 5 rounds and continued on to win round 6.

2nd: Lorenzo – Troll Disco

3rd: Jamie – UR Counter Burn

4th: Francois – Beast Island

5th: Pat – UW Flying Control (No decklist)

6th: Louis – Troll Disco

7th: Jason – UR Counter Burn (No decklist)

8th: Mark – Grixis Atog Rack

9th: David – Mono B Singles

10th: Andy – Mono B Control

11th: Jason – UW Control (Best unpowered)

12th: Laurence – Grixis Burn (Chaos Flip winner)

13th: Joe – Mono W

14th: Karl – The Montreal Special (aka Trikenator)

15th: Brian – Mono B Control

16th: Ernest – UR Counter Burn

17th: Dave – UR Counter Burn

18th: Patrick – BUG Djinns

19th: Kevin – Enchantress

20th: Chris – Mono B Rack

21st: Derrick – All Hands on Deck (Hand and boat tribal; Spiciest)

22nd: Yannick – Poisoned Void

23rd: Kyril – 4c Channel Fireball

24th: Shawn – Mono W Artifacts

It was a great turnout. Great people. Great beers. We hope to make this a bi-annual event!